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“The Righteous Will Be Victorious” the motto of all sciences

Nanomanipulation blog was an eye opener, which revealed that how scientists misuse public money for crafting manipulated papers. The great scientific bent of mind analysis for the exposure of the fraud done by a scientist is highly appreciated. Biomanipulation welcomes the fact that Nanotechmanipulation is also going to investigate other groups. This show Nanotech- and Bio- manipulation are against the unethikal science and scientist who cook new data. Hence, Biomanipulation is an ardent follower of this blog and has also taken the initiative to expose other science disdainer of Biological field like Nanotechmanipulation is doing for Nanotechnology field by exposing SKS and group. In this way it shows how many scientists in India are involved in making a mockery of science. Appreciate this initiative. By showing aggression towards this work, simply forces us to think that one is not against fraud science but against only one group due to some personal hostility. So let’s join hands for the sake of science so that we can give justice to science by letting the world know about this fraud and manipulated system which will face serious consequences.


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